Speaker Presentations

Tuesday, December 6th

Room 201
11:00 Immunization in Specific Populations - Session 1

Jason Leblanc
Shelly McNeil
Michaela Nichols-Evans
14:30 Making and implementing policy - Session 1

Cathy McDermott
Michelle Simeoni
Room 202
11:00 Immunization in Specific Populations - Session 2

Sarah Buchan
Scott Halperin
Nicole LeSaux
Manish Sadarangani
Sarah Wilson
14:30 Making and implementing policy - Session 2

Maria Eugenia Espinoza
Jong Kim
Shelly McNeil
Gilla Shapiro
Robert Van Exan
Room 205
11:00 Vaccine Hesitancy: Tools to address problems at the population, public and individual levels

Session Presenters
14:30 It takes a village: Implementation of best practices in pain mitigation at the time of vaccination

Session Presenters
Room 206
11:00 Introduction of new vaccines and programs – Is it all just about value for money?

Session Presenters
14:30 Optimizing Immunization in Indigenous populations

Session Presenters
Room 207
11:00 HPV Vaccination: New vs old!

Session Presenters
14:30 Brief training workshop on motivational interviewing adapted to immunization

Session Presenters
Room 208
11:00 Inventory Management

Session Presenters
14:30 New Vaccines on the Horizon

Session Presenters
Room 210
11:00 Steve Jobs vs. the measles: Using digital tools to enhance immunization

Session Presenters
14:30 What’s new with NACI?

Session Presenters
Room 213
14:30 Electronic Registries

Katherine Atkinson
Samara David
Michelle Paradis
Rosalie Tuchscherer
Beth Woytas
Room Canada Hall 1
09:30 What have we accomplished in Canada's immunization programs in the past 25 years?

Monika Naus