Speaker Presentations

Wednesday, December 7th

Room 201
11:00 New developments in vaccines & their use - Session 1

Melissa Andrew
Leonard Friedland
Jenny Rotondo
14:30 Optimal Practice - Session 1

Karen Dickenson-Smith
Sarah Loseth
Terri MacDougall
Anna Taddio
Karina Top
Room 202
11:00 New developments in vaccines & their use - Session 2

Genevieve Deceuninck
Sarah Edwards
Shannon MacDonald
Eveline Toth
14:30 Optimal Practice - Session 2

Rita R. Gad
Hayley Gillis
Jason Leblanc
Bruce McDonald
Ruben Tavares
Room 205
11:00 A Case Study: Assessing Mumps Vaccine Effectiveness during an Outbreak Investigation

Session Presenters
14:30 Reviewing Ontario’s universal influenza immunization program – The application of research to practice, programs and policy

Session Presenters
Room 206
11:00 Influenza vaccines and program dilemmas

Session Presenters
14:30 Immunocompromised patients: Keeping their immunization needs in mind

Session Presenters
Room 207
11:00 Evaluating new vaccine programs in Canada: How do we decide which vaccines should be publicly funded?

Session Presenters
14:30 Emerging infectious diseases Ebola, Zika, H. influenzae type A: Vaccine development on the frontlines

Session Presenters
Room 208
11:00 Diseases 101: Do you know what you are preventing

Session Presenters
14:30 Vaccine hesitancy and the health care professional

Session Presenters
Room 210
11:00 Vaccine uptake and communication strategies

Session Presenters
14:30 Pre-event vaccination for biological threats

Session Presenters
Room 213
12:45 Vaccine-preventable disability: What you need to know about influenza prevention in older adults

Session Presenters
Room 215
07:15 HPV immunization: 10 years of experience in Canada!

Session Presenters
12:30 Examining vaccination against Serogroup b Meningococcal Disease (MenB)

Session Presenters